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Aishwarya Rajinikanth is currently enjoying the release of her film, Lal Salaam. The director and singer recently opened up on the stunted success of her movie, 3 which starred Dhanush and Shruti Haasan in lead roles. The movie is a psychological thriller film that sees Dhanush and Shruti as husband and wife. The film had a hugely popular song called Why This Kolaveri Di. It was and still is a huge sensation. Aishwarya Rajinikanth has now opened up on the impact of the success of Why This Kolaveri Di on the film. Catch up on all the latest South Entertainment News updates only on BollywoodLife’s WhatsApp channel. Also Read – Lal Salaam full movie leaked online: Menace of online piracy strikes the Rajinikanth film

Aishwarya Rajinikanth talks about the success of Why This Kolaveri Di and 3

In an interview with Rednool, Aishwarya Rajinikanth revealed that when the song Why This Kolaveri Di was released, it was a huge shock for her. The song and its success put a lot of pressure on the movie. Aishwarya says that more than a surprise, it was a shocker for her. Why This Kolaveri Di is a Tanglish (portmanteau of Tamil and English) song. It became a huge success not just in India but all over the globe. Talking about how it impacted the release and success of 3, Aishwarya said, “I was trying to tell a different story, but the song swallowed and overshadowed the film. It was very difficult for me. It was a serious film. Not many spoke about the film when it was released.” Also Read – Lal Salaam box office collection day 1 prediction: Rajinikanth, Vishnu Vishal sports drama to fall a bit short of double digit figures [Exclusive]

It is true indeed, everyone just went gaga over Why This Kolaveri Di. Aishwarya said that the song did not help the movie. She, however, expressed happiness that it helped someone’s individual career. Anirudh Ravichander composed the music of Why This Kolaveri Di while Dhanush penned the lyrics and sang the song. Also Read – Sourav Ganguly biopic: Ayushamann Khurrana to play ‘Dada’; Aishwarya Rajinikanth to take director’s seat? Read deets

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Aishwarya and Dhanush are separated from each other. They have two sons. The two kids, Yatra and Linga, live with Dhanush. The estranged couple, while have separated, haven’t officially filed for divorce claim media reports. They announced their separation in 2022. There were rumours about the two of them getting back and working on their relationship. But the rumours were unfounded. Their separation shocked the fans to the core. Nevertheless, when Lal Salaam was releasing, Dhanush gave a shout-out to Rajinikanth. He did not mention Aishwarya in his tweet. It was noticed by the fans.

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